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You said your faith helped your recovery from the same lymphoma which unfortunately took my brother. Are you a Christian?
My faith in my own strength and my amazing will to be back on court helped me to go through the toughest times. I'm orthodox, but I'm not a religious person.
Have you ever been to India? If so, what do you think about my country?
I have never been to India, but I know that it's great and a very interesting country to visit, so maybe one day...
I'm 17 and would like to get ready for some 10k-25k ITF tournaments. What clubs in Italy would you recommend?
The most important in any preparation is to have a good coach that takes care of you. Then you can go to train in any courts you like, that's how I was doing for many years, before I got the name.

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My top 3 lists

Top 3 things I do on an off Sunday

Having fun with my friends
Spend time in the nature

Top 3 things I'm good at

Driving a car (I love it!)
Swimming (I swim like a fish :)
Gardening (It's my hobby when I have a little time)

Top 3 Movies

Fast and Furious
Beverly Hills Cop
Rush Hour
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